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Open MRI is just what the name indicates. It is completely open on all sides to comfortably accommodate any size patient – large or small. Traditionally, this procedure was performed in a narrow, tightly confined “tunnel”. It was noisy and caused anxiety in many patients.

At Medical Imaging Center of North Jersey, we employ the new AIRIS™ premium OPEN MRI imaging system made by Hitachi, the world leader in an open MRI technology. The AIRIS™ system is reliable, spacious and quiet, providing superior images with minimum disturbance. It is one of the primary tools used by physicians and in many cases reduces the need for further tests or other invasive procedures.

Open MRI is the ideal solution for the pediatric patients who need their parents in the room to hold their hands or elderly patients who might need someone to ease their fears. It’s also the solution for larger patients who would have had to endure scans in a tight, uncomfortable setting. The same is true for the claustrophobic patients who fear closed spaces. Open MRI allows technicians to remain in constant visual and verbal contact with their patients. Once the scans are started, technicians can even stand next to patients who require closer monitoring or encouragement.



Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one of the most advanced and comprehensive methods of testing available. It allows physicians to look inside the human body to obtain diagnostic information without the use of radiation. It is a non-invasive procedure with no known side effects. The procedure is painless; in fact you won’t see or feel anything. A faint knocking may be heard, which is simply the machine in operation.

The typical procedure averages thirty minutes or longer depending on the type of information required by your physician. Once you are situated on the table, make sure you are comfortable. Breath normally. You can help make your procedure easier by simply relaxing and remaining as still as possible during the exam.

Some patients feel so relaxed, they even fall asleep during the process. After the exam, you will probably feel very well rested. There should be no restrictions on your normal activities, so you can go about your regular routine.



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